February 2022

China Unicom acted as the sole official telecommunication service partner of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games.

China Unicom adhered to the concepts of “Green Olympic Games, Sharing Olympic Games, Open Olympic Games, and Honest Olympic Games” and earnestly implemented the requirements of “Simple, Safe and Wonderful” competitions. With the “Smart Winter Olympics” strategy, it comprehensively achieved zero fault in network support, zero complaint in event service, zero infection in personnel, and successfully completed the task of securing communications for the Winter Olympics.

For the first time, China Unicom applied IPv6+ technology to the private network of the Winter Olympics, provided high-quality network services for the broadcast of the Beijing Winter Olympics by leveraging capabilities such as network slicing, segment routing and latency optimisation.

March 2022

Implementing its new strategy, China Unicom broke with its 20-year tradition since listing and optimised monthly operational statistics disclosure for the first time to promote new value and be a trusted partner for investors.

April 2022

With “Unicom Cloud”, a reliable digital intelligence cloud, as the foundation, China Unicom launched “Moutai Cloud” together with Guizhou Maotai to help “iMaotai” cope with heavy data traffic.

May 2022

Focused on key vertical industries, China Unicom set up 10 industry forces covering 9 major sectors, combined with 17 professional subsidiaries and 19 industrial Internet companies, so as to build a team with industry knowledge.

June 2022

China Unicom cultivated new momentum for green development through the implementation of “dual-carbon” missions in an orderly manner.

July 2022

Three telecom operators joined hands for the first time to organise a listed telecom companies investor briefing, helping the capital market to gain a deeper understanding of the new development and value of the telecom industry in embracing the digital economy.

November 2022

China Unicom obtained approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to refarm 900 MHz band spectrum resources for 5G system, which is conducive to China Unicom’s rapid promotion of 5G coverage in rural and remote areas with less investment.

December 2022

China Unicom convened a partner conference where it unveiled a new chapter of strategic cooperation with Tencent,, Alibaba and Baidu to leverage their respective capability advantages in various fields such as digital information infrastructure.

China Unicom entered into a new commercial pricing agreement and service agreement with China Tower Corporation Limited.