Sustainability Report 2022

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2022 is an important year for the new journey towards the establishment of a modern socialist country and progression towards bicentenary goals, as well as the starting year for the Company to fully implement its new strategic plan. Facing the combined impact of multiple unexpected factors, the Company resolutely implemented national strategic plans, and maintained strategic determination. The Company has undertaken its responsibility as a central state-owned enterprise in major initiatives such as Cyber Superpower, Digital China, technological innovation and rural revitalization, made outstanding contributions in major events such as the Winter Olympics, the battle against the pandemic and major assurance initiatives, and devoted efforts in key challenges such as reform and transformation, making up for shortcomings and building advantages. China Unicom has contributed its wisdom, solutions and strength to promote the integration of corporate development into the sustainable development cycle of economy, society and environment.


China Unicom actively responded to the threat of climate change, improved the green management throughout the full life cycle of products, coordinated and promoted green management, network construction, operation and other work, built a green supply chain, innovated information-based solutions, empowered the green development of the whole society, thereby contributing to carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and promoting the formation of a green and low-carbon production mode and lifestyle.

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Achieving Low-carbon Production and Operation
  • Promoting green and low-carbon technology for energy conservation
  • Building a green supply chain
  • Promoting green and low-carbon operation
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Promoting green and low-carbon production
  • Promoting energy saving and consumption reduction in 5G network
  • Building green data centres
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Actively responding to climate change
  • List of Climate Change Risks
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Empowering the Green Development of Society
  • Empowering ecological and environmental protection
  • Empowering the green transformation of industries
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Optimising the green management
  • the “3 + 5 + 1 + 1” action plan for carbon peak and carbon neutrality
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Communication support for major events, rescue and disaster relief & epidemic prevention and control
  • Supporting major events
  • Communication support for the Beijing Winter Olympics Games and Winter Paralympic Games
  • Participating in disaster relief
  • Supporting scientific & technological pandemic prevention
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Focusing on “people’s need” and “needs of the industry”, China Unicom has been accelerating the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and strives to become the “key force” and “leading player” that drives Chinese-style modernization through digital, network-based and intelligent transformation. Always adhering to the original aspiration of “people’s post and telecommunications for the people”, and to meet the demand for quality upgrade of digital consumption, China Unicom launched “eight gold and eight silver” key products, released a special service plan for senior citizens, offered diversified innovative applications involving smart education, smart medical care as well as smart culture and tourism, and promoted inclusive services for people’s livelihood.

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Resolutely Serve as the “Pillar” to Build a Solid Digital Base
China Unicom accelerated the construction of intelligent comprehensive digital information infrastructure with the characteristics of “high-speed and ubiquitous, air-space-ground integration, cloud-network integration, intelligent agility, green and low-carbon, and secure and controllable”, to build a solid digital base for economic and social development.
  • Construction of New Infrastructure
  • Accelerating the construction of four premium networks
  • Continuous deepening of co-build co-share
  • Application of new technologies to improve quality
  • Supporting major events
  • Participating in disaster relief
  • Supporting scientific and technological pandemic prevention
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Strive to Become the “Leader” in Supporting Modern Industries
China Unicom gave full play to its advantages of information and communication network technology, accelerated the development of modern industrial system, facilitated the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, promoted the development of digital economy and the upgrading of information consumption, and made full efforts in the field of digital economy, so as for the whole society to further share the new achievements brought by the development of information communication.
  • Empowering the Construction of Modern Industries
  • Supporting the construction of digital government and smart cities
  • Building the No.1 brand of “5G + Industrial Internet”
  • Digital empowerment of livelihood services
  • Unicom Cloud Empowers Industry Transformation
  • Building a Systematic Capability System
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Make Every Effort to Become the “Frontline Troop” of Innovation-driven Development
China Unicom adhered to the innovation-driven development to serve the national strategy, adhered to the “two-wheel drive” of market and innovation, firmly grasped the direction of digital, network-based and intelligent transformation, and accelerated the construction of a technology engine to drive the high-quality development of the Company in the new era, becoming an essential part of the national strategic scientific and technological strength.
  • Deepening the Innovation of Scientific and Technological Innovation Mechanism
  • Strengthening Core Technology Research
  • Further Promoting the Digital and Intelligent Transformation
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Committed to Serving as the “Escort” of Network Security
Adhering to the overall national security concept, China Unicom has identified “Big Security” as its main responsibility and main business, took practical actions to fulfill its responsibility as the “national team, key force and frontline troop”, and built the “No. 1 security shield of the country, government and people” for the digital economy.
  • Improving core security capabilities
  • Consolidating the Cybersecurity Lines of Defence
  • Strive to forge a “protective net” for a strong network
  • Resolutely protecting data security and user privacy
  • Preventing and combating telecommunications network crimes
  • Carrying out cybersecurity & information security publicity & education
  • Effectively Ensuring Production Safety
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Actively Building a Win-win “New Ecosystem” for the Digital Industry
China Unicom actively joined hands with its partners to forge ahead with courage and perseverance. Facing the strategic opportunities brought by the simultaneous resonance of China’s modernisation and the new generation of digital revolution, China Unicom made joint efforts to win the “team competition” for the high-quality digital, network-based and intelligent development, and made joint efforts to embark on a new journey of China’s modernisation.
  • Cohesion for Win-win Development
  • Working Together with Partners
  • Precise Development through Capital Cooperation
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Building a “New Highland” for Innovative Talents Aggregation
China Unicom attached great importance to talent cultivation, promoted talent development in depth, accelerated the establishment of competitive advantages in talent resources, built a high-level talent training platform, cultivated a number of leading and high-level innovative talent teams, and continuously built new momentum and new advantages for development. At the same time, the Company fully respected and protected the basic rights and interests of each employee, and committed itself to creating a career platform for employees to demonstrate their talents and grow together with the firm.
  • Promoting Talent Structure Adjustment
  • Protecting Basic Rights and Interests of Employees
  • Facilitating Communication and Growth of Employees
  • Creating a Happy Life for Employees
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Building a “Booster” for People’s Livelihood
The improvement of people’s livelihood is crucial to the overall situation of China’s modern development. China Unicom regarded improving the well-being of the people and promoting their all-round development as the starting point and goal of digital development. The Company continuously enriched the connotation of its communication products and services, actively conveyed the warmth of public welfare, promoted employment, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and continuously enhanced the sense of gain, happiness and security of the people.
  • Providing Warm and Intelligent Services
  • Engaging in Public Charity to Benefit the Society
  • Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalisation
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The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and recognises that good governance is vital for the long-term success and sustainability of the Company’s business.

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