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Shifting Gears

Be A Great Way-paver

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Enhance network capabilities

Strive to build premium networks with broader coverage, strengthened capabilities, higher quality and better experience, and open up the information channels for economic and social development

  • Net addition of mid-band 5G base stations: 310k, net addition of 900MHz 5G base stations: 170k
  • Net addition of 10G PON ports: 2.14 million
  • No. of cities covered by government and enterprise premium network: 307
  • “One resource pool per city” in 170 cities

Be A Great Enabler

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Empower the digital transformation of thousands of industries

Drive deeper integration of digital technologies with production and operations to enable new use cases, in order to continuously support industrial digitisation

  • Cumulative no. of 5G industry application projects: > 16,000
  • Full coverage of 52 categories of national economy
  • Fully 5G-connected factories: > 1,600
  • Successfully built benchmark projects - 5G+ textile manufacturing, 5G+ Internet of Vehicles, 5G+ smart medical care etc.

Be A Great Guard

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Safeguard information security

Establish a comprehensive security capability system integrating cloud, management, terminals, data and applications to safeguard the robust development of the digital economy

  • Security operation personnel: > 1,200
  • Big Security revenue: +380%
  • Cumulative no. of customers served by security capabilities: > 10,000

Embrace The New Blue Ocean

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Accelerate the deep integration of the digital and real economies

  • Industry Internet revenue: +28.6%
  • Unicom Cloud revenue: +121%
  • Net profit1 +16.5%

1Net profit represents the profit attributable to equity shareholders of the Company

Financial Overview

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In 2022, the Company firmly progressed to the Company’s "1 + 9 + 3" strategic planning, total revenue was RMB354.94 billion in 2022, up by 8.3% year-on-year.

Chairman's Statement

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Dear Shareholders,
2022 was a year when the digital economy played a prominent role as the “accelerator” of national economy and became a key driver of economic recovery.

Corporate Governance

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The Board believes that a healthy corporate culture is the core of good corporate governance. China Unicom persistently enhances the development of corporate culture...


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China Unicom coordinated and promoted green management, empowered the green development of the whole society, thereby contributing to carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and promoting the formation of a green and low-carbon production mode and lifestyle.

Focusing on “people’s need” and “needs of the industry”, China Unicom promoted inclusive services for people’s livelihood.

The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and recognises that good governance is vital for the long-term success and sustainability of the Company’s business.

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